Create Forecasts

Forecasts provide a detailed roadmap of how and when you'll reach financial independence.

Organize Spending

Our budgeting app will make you feel like you just got a raise. Freely spend on what matters most.

Share With Others

Get support and feedback by easily sharing your forecasts with others. No spreadsheets needed.

Track Progress

Always know how far ahead or behind you are on your plan. Make adjustments and see their impact.

Intricate Details

Not only will you see when you reach financial independence but you'll see precisely how. Learning and understanding the details on a year by year basis will not only help you pave your path but it will increase your confidence.

  • Know where all of your excess money goes
  • See how much of your growth is interest vs. contributions
“This is the first FIRE calculator I’ve used that lays out my retirement clearly. The charts add a whole new sense of security that an exponentially rising graph just can’t.”
AnnStupid Money

Chart Your Path

Visualize how your money grows and where along your path you’ll reach financial independence. Once you reach financial independence, your money won't stop working - our charts prove it.

  • See how the money you've stashed away grows over time
  • Interactively explore your pre and post FIRE financial health
“I'm new to FIRE and the forecast thingamabob :) really helped me realize that it's possible and how to achieve financial independence.”
KevinSoftware Developer

Plan Major Events

Planning a major event like a home remodel? Compare forecasts to see how it impact your FIRE plan before making a decision.

  • Compare different FIRE strategies to see which works best
  • See the impact of major financial decisions before you make them
“We found out we were having twins and needed a larger house. Seeing how a remodel would impact our FIRE plans helped us make an informed decision. We went ahead with the remodel, because twins, but knew ahead of time what it meant for us.”
RachelInterior Designer & Mother of 4

Enjoy Spending

Budgets done right will feel liberating. Our simple, yet elegant, app will take all the guilt out of spending the money you worked hard to earn.

  • Determine how much you want to spend in different categories
  • Freely spend your money while easily staying on track

Learn more about our budgeting app, Spend.

“My husband and I could never get on the same page with budgeting. Our brains and money habits were very different. He put the app on my phone and after two weeks we were having productive money conversations.”
EvelynArt Major